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Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Center in Racine is a comprehensive treatment center for podiatric medicine and surgery. We treat patients with diseases or deformities of the ankle and foot. Since 1993, our podiatrists have served patients from throughout southeast Wisconsin. We treat everything from minor to debilitating issues with their ankles and feet using both medical and surgical interventions.

Podiatrists provide comprehensive care for the feet, ankles and toes. Podiatric surgeons are trained and certified to perform foot & ankle surgery. Our podiatrists and surgeons have the training and certifications necessary to get you back on your feet. With over 20 years of experience, they know precisely how to treat deformities, diseases, and trauma to the foot and ankle.

Whenever we meet with a new client, our foot and ankle specialists in Racine take a complete medical history. Even though your lower extremities might seem disconnected from other parts of your body, common problems can cause symptoms in varied locations. So understanding your full history allows us to provide more accurate diagnoses.

We customize a plan for foot and ankle care that addresses each patient’s unique needs. We understand that even standard medical treatments can be a source of anxiety. That’s why we take the time to explain treatment plans to our patients. And we’re always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

We treat a wide array of diseases and conditions of the foot and ankle. These include:

Although these are some of the most common issues we treat, they aren’t the only conditions we treat. Our foot and ankle specialists in Racine, WI have the knowledge and experience to help with any issues you may have. It’s easy to overlook how much we rely on our feet and ankles. But when an issue arises, causing pain or discomfort with every step, their importance shoots to the forefront of our attention.

We encourage you to read through our website to learn more about our doctors. The site also offers information about treatments and becoming a patient. Our Kenosha office works hand in hand with our foot and ankle specialists in Racine, WI to help a larger number of patients. If you’ve experienced issues with your feet or ankles, give us a call at 262-884-0944 to schedule an appointment.

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