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Our Mission & Goal

Our mission and goal at Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Center is to make our patient's needs our first and foremost priority. We believe it is our responsibility to make sure all patients feel at home and comfortable at our practice. We strive to give every patient the best possible care, from our first conversation to the final discharge, answering all questions patients may have regarding our policies, procedures and all aspects of patient care.

At Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Center we do not discriminate against any person regardless of religion, race, or disability. We strive to improve our practice and enhance the delivery of services to maximize good patient outcomes by systematically monitoring our performance and continually improving our practice. We welcome you and hope your visit with us is a satisfying experience.

Many feet

New Treatment for Common Foot Problems

PROBLEM: Heel Spurs/Plantar Fasciitis

SYMPTOMS: Severe pain typically in the morning. When standing, sudden elongation of the fascial band stretches and pulls on the heel. The intermittent pain often progresses to a day long nagging pain.

NEW NON-INVASIVE TREATMENT: Similar to the sound wave treatment that has been used for years to treat kidney stones, shockwaves are focused on the heel. Patients do not feel any pain as a local anesthetic is used. The sound waves break up the scar tissue and inflammation. Most patients will resume normal activities and wear regular shoes on the day of the procedure.

PROBLEM: Toenail Fungus

SYMPTOMS: Thick, discolored nails may split, crack or come loose. Condition is painful and unsightly.

NEW NON-INVASIVE TREATMENT: The CoolTouch Laser Treatment penetrates through the nail eliminating the destructive pathogens and revitalizing the nail. The laser causes no harm to healthy tissues and there is no discomfort during or after the 20 minute treatment. This laser is also effective on small spider veins, scars and warts.